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Virtual homes (vhomes) is an online based start-up company currently seeking to position itself as one of the foremost market leader in the hospitality business, as a start-up we are initially concentrating our resources on the student community by providing a platform for students (hosts) to share/offer their shelters with new/prospective students commonly referred to as jambites (guest), old students during their one year NYSC campaign, as well as visiting students, providing tour guide to guest arriving from different parts of Nigeria for as long as they intend to stay during the post-ume program, NYSC scheme and visiting duration for a stipulated cost.

Vhomes is thus providing an alternate source of income to Nigerian students’ already trifled pockets by ensuring that they can leverage on our platform to share/offer their already rented/assigned shelters for merger sum to other visiting students who will be in need of temporary places to stay during their post-um

Sectors E-commerce, Internet, Leisure and travel
Location Nigeria
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