GoBig Finance and Mentorship Hub Supporting local entrepreneurs through finance and mentorship

There were 60 million micro-enterprises in Africa in 2016 (World Bank). At gobighub.com, we believe that micro enterprises across Africa deserve an efficient way to access capital, provide more value to customers, generate more wealth to owners, and create more employment opportunities for youth and women. To accomplish this goal, we’ve created a multi-platform company that streamlines communication and supports micro-financing on a number of levels. Through our crowd funding platform, that connects investors to entrepreneurs, and our micro venture capital fund, that provides short term business emergency financing in form of debt and equity, we intend to grow our market share and assist entrepreneurs on a financial level. Through our mentorship program, Inua Kijana, and our pitching platform, The Hunt, we intend to advise African micro enterprises and support increased business skills and sustainable growth. With this approach, we intend to contribute to at least 1% of Africa’s GDP within the next ten years.

Stage Unknown EST November 2015
Sectors Banking, E-commerce, Financial services
Location Kampala, Uganda
Markets Uganda
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