go-com Building stronger telecommunication networks in Nigeria

go-com is designed to give qualitative advancement to all areas of communication. In the world of communication, we reach where voice cannot reach to emancipate the voiceless. We are the voice of the people, bringing together diversified cultures, ethnic groups, languages, shanty towns, and urban settles as well as international communities, through one helloo. 

For individuals and corporate entities who want to take their businesses beyond sovereignty, we have a deal of distinctive advert packages like Facebook, twitter and African page. 

Advertise your business online, without a website and to over 2 million GSM numbers in Nigeria. We also have a standard computer institute which can be used for government and private workers, C.C.T, WASSCE and Jamb exams.

Our aim is to inculcate the antics of information technology and computer science to individuals, in the best possible and comfortable manner and to be the best telecommunication empire ever known. 

Stage Unknown EST October 2016
SectorsCreative, media and entertainment, Internet, Telecom
LocationAbuja, Nigeria
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