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The platform ” Gnigban ” (Word that means ” Earth ” In Adja), real estate 3.0 is the very first platform exclusively devoted to commercial real estate in Benin. Its fundamental mission is to foster the meeting between real estate supply and demand over the whole of the national territory. Real estate professionals and individuals (owners of real estate) are the two main players who will animate the platform through the publication of their offers. The specialization of the platform, the possibility of finding and contacting directly the real estate agents of a specific neighbourhood, the ease of finding a real estate where we want it and especially the possibility to consult the ads free of charge on Gnigban without an internet plan thanks to our chat bot Messenger, are as many innovative solutions that we propose to deal with the many problems experienced by Beninese and African real estate.

Sectores Servicios empresariales, Bienes inmuebles
Ubicación Cotonou, Benín
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