Global Oversight Scientific laboratory and research center for agribusiness development

The main problem we are trying to solve is food insecurity. It has its root cause in extreme poverty. A number of inappropriate measures have also done more harm than good over the years.

Global OverSight as a scientific laboratory and research center, is premised on laboratory testing services, research and product
development, as well as audit, training, and technical consultancy services.

Our target market entails the farmers, food processors and traders of agricultural products. And for the lack of any accredited laboratories in our small country, the target market size comprises the entire country. Our strategic central location in Maseru offers our clients the benefits of local
accessibility and cost-effective transportation, as opposed to going abroad (in South Africa) for the similar services.

We want to innovatively use the strength of research and networking to facilitate project funding, resource mobilization as well as sustainable food production and supply.

Stage Startup stage EST July 2017
Sectors Agribusiness, Consulting and business development, Food production
Location Maseru, Lesotho
Markets Lesotho
Customer model B2B2G, B2C
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