Ghalani Bringing traceability to agriculture

Ghalani is an agtech data company that helps stakeholders in agricultural value chains gain visibility into farmers’ activities and manage their relationships with these farmers.

In the African agricultural ecosystem, value chain actors (e.g. processors, exporters, financial institutions, development agencies, etc) lack reliable information about farmers (i.e. location, farm sizes, etc) and their purchase data (i.e. the quantity of farm produce sold by whom and when) because it is often not available or recorded properly. Farmers also find it hard to track the right data, that will help them make improvements and get support from investors.

To solve this problem, Ghalani provides a web and mobile farm management system that helps farmers and agricultural value chain actors manage the farming process, for increased levels of efficiency. Farmers are provided with real-time reports on their farms and value chain actors get reports on the farmers (or farm-groups)

SectoresAgritech, Big data, Software como servicio
UbicaciónAccra, Ghana
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