We have introduced the use of maize shellers that are leased to the farmers in organized groups. These shellers are diesel operated and the supplier (company) runs the maintenance and provide spares at the costs of the lessor. Our contract run in 12 months with extension to 24 months upon request of the customers. Through this model the customers have selected the areas where the machines will be situated and ship their maize to be shelled.
As this model have been in place for 9 months we expect we will collect our payments that are made in balloon payment by September 2020.
This model have helped the farmers to have the access of the maize shelling services at lower cost almost 83% lower compared to the cost that they have been charged by private owners who charge around $1.5/100 Kg bag.

Stage Startup stage EST January 2013
Sectors Agribusiness, Farm machinery, Fish farming
Location Iringa, Tanzania, United Republic of
Markets Tanzania, United Republic of
Customer model B2B, B2B2B, B2C
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