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The biggest rise in babies born with Sickle Cell Anaemia is expected to be seen in West & Central Africa, especially Nigeria, where the number of newborns affected annually (90,000) is expected to rise by half as much by 2050, accounting for one-third of all babies born with the disease worldwide.

The disease can only occur when two trait carriers reproduce. Over 40 million Nigerians (24%) are trait carriers. A recent joint study by University of Oxford and Imperial College in Africa revealed that Sickle Cell Anaemia is increasing particularly in low- and middle-income countries, and also that, the most cost-effective strategy is to complement disease management with prevention programmes.

Genotible is the answer to the call for preventive measures to curb the increase of Sickle Cell Anaemia. It is a simple quick-to-use web and SMS service that discreetly helps youths find out if their genotypes are compatible with someone they have eyes for.

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