Genius Centers E-learning in technology and leadership for kids.

360 M youths between the ages of 4 – 17 years old in the sub-Saharan Africa have a consumer’s mentality in Technology and do not think of creating anything. Some may love to go further but they lack the adequate means like training and internet.

Genius Centers provides a platform for youths with interest and passion in technology related fields, to help them grow and prepare them for the new era.

We provide them with the necessary equipment needed and mentor them from their discovery phase till when they are mature enough to handle projects on their own.

To meet up all these youths’ needs we have developed an e-learning platform (Genius eLab). With deployments across 9 schools in Cameroon, free of charge with 800 genius of which 32% are girls.

Genius eLab is available in french and in english and it is a combination of interactive videos, quizzes, battles, discussion forum and Information about competitions.

It is simple, powerful and easy to use.