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Alefo is our 2020 project and a multidimensional solution to growing issues around food security and focal malnutrition in children and economically deprived rural women in unfair trade. We are building a brand to support smallholder women food processors , to sustain endangered and disrupted value chains in the wake of COVID, to attain market readiness and digital footprint for local and export markets. We are deloping an ecosystem of 60 percent women vendors on the pltform. Having identified 3 (three) cardinal income streams namesly; 1) Alefostores the optimised tech solution and retail/wholesale market place 2) Alefo Foods,to develop foods, beverge, treats, spices and snacks of high quality for feeding programs geared directly at malnourished children as a matter of food security concersn and 3) Alefo Giving which is a sustainability element that aligns to foreign missions and development partners.