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Future Kitchens We are on a mission against the world's Dumbest Problem

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Future Kitchens is a food-tech startup focused on solving the World’s Dumbest Problem: the combination of food loss, climate change and hunger. We do this by developing super tasty, healthy and climate positive instant soups and smoothies made from overproduction and side streams.

Problem – 3 ingredients gone wrong
The world produces 30% more food than it consumes, resulting in 9% of the global carbon emissions, all while 11% of the population has very little food.

Our solution – Post-harvest food conservation
The perishable nature of food turns the whole industry into one big time challenge. By applying conservation techniques to the portion that most likely will not be sold on the “fresh” market, we take out the time pressure.

We have validated our process and proposition in the European (currently Dutch and Belgian) market and we are now exploring to embed overproduction from Kenia and Uganda into our value chain.

Mission video:

SectorsAgritech, E-commerce, Food production
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