Fursa 101 Africa Limited Shared value UBER style commodity for farmers and local producers

Fursa 101 Africa is a shared value UBER style, Commodity, Trading and Logistic platform for agricultural and local manufactured products that uses web, mobile apps, AI, Blockchain and SMS to connect farmers and local producers directly to markets, bypassing middlemen, to affordable agro inputs, financial institutions and research institutions. Customer buys farm produce from nearby farms, warehouses, local markets, local manufacturers or local vendors, and products are delivered to their door steps. We have agents in every region that help farmers upload farm produces or buy agro inputs on our platform. We are working in partnership with transport providers, local agents,distributors, mobile money payments and financial institutions to reach hard to reach areas.We use B2B, B2C and C2C model. Our target is to expand in Africa focused on Agriculture($300billion), commodity , trading and logistics sector($500billion).