Funtrench Limited Technology | Solutions. Training. Infrastructure.

Funtrench Limited is a technology company that is at the cutting edge of building an ecosystem of emerging technologies for various emerging challenges in a new, digitally assertive Africa. Our key focus is on creating an end-to-end pipeline of talent in these technologies from classroom to viable solutions.
On solutions, we are a Multichain Platform Partner since 2018 and have four years experience building emerging technology solutions. We are actively developing solutions for payments, IoT and supply chain management. We have embarked on developing ML solutions for language translation, NLP and sentiment analysis.
On training we launched our first blockchain campus in June 2018, beginning our role as a premier provider of DLT education in Africa. Our strategic partnership with the US company Positrust LLC, who have experience with delivering DLT education enables both skills transfer and credible accreditation for our courses and certifications. Our campus has already hosted students from as far as Meru University and continues to attract students eager to learn about DLT.
On infrastructure we have set up a small data center within our blockchain campus, that is dedicated to hosting a blockchain-as-a-service solution that we have developed on Multichain.
Funtrench has evolved into this space at a time when Africa is beginning to embrace DLT both at government and private sector level and these are exciting times.