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Frutos del Guacabo #AgriculturaCulinaria

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We are a canvas, where members of the agro-culinary industry can understand new methods of production-cooking. By incorporating new products into local cuisine. This directly affects the decrease in our food dependency, since in Puerto Rico 85% of the food is imported and creates an economy, which directly affects all members of the food chain (from the farmer to the diner). We also promote entrepreneurship in the community through the food system as a means of economic/human development. Fruits of the Guidan is a kind of experimental station where by means of education (talleres/tours/tastings) we open the senses and the possibilities of our visitors to new realities. This diverse production model can be replicable in different scenarios in different parts of the world, thus avoiding monocultures and their environmental impacts.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming
Location Tierras Nuevas Poniente, -
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