Frotchery farms limited Frotchery Farms Limited is into fish processing, storage and packaging

The demand for fish in Nigeria is 3.2 million metric tons annually, 63% of this demand goes to processed fish (FAO). Despite the demand, farmers experience post harvest loss due to lack of storage and preservation. Fish farmers depend on raining season for production, this often lead to market glut during peak of raining season, thereby compelling farmers to sell at a ridiculously cheap price. Also during dry season, there is scarcity of fresh fishes hence a hike in fish prices making expensive for small and medium income earners. Frotchery Farms Limited is involved in value addition to fresh fishes to extend its shelf life, retained nutrients, reduce fish wastage during peak production period, and ensure the availability of high quality affordable fish products to various income earners. Our products include; smoked fish, smoked and frozen fish fillets, processed frozen fish, fish oil and fish powder which are delicious, nutritious and hygienically processed.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Fish farming
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
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