Friendsvow Friendsvow helps you to save money and get instant credit from friends



Friendsvow is a system of credit that makes it possible for you to create a line of credit with people you are familiar with, your friends, family, colleaques or community together as a group and Friendsvow as a platform protect the group members in the event of default, using blockchain technology

Friendsvow also makes it possible for Banks to recover Bad loans from their customers, customers that are already defaulting on their loans with Banks finds it easier to payback their loans using the Friendsvow system of credit. we have already created a pilot program of this with Fidelity Bank in Nigeria and 75% of these Bad debtors have been paid off from November 2018 to date…

The Bank of Financial Credit, A Simple system to create multiple stream of revenues for people online, Our proprietary tech made it possible to remove the risk of default on peer to peer lending, after you make your payment,on your due date you must receive your funds no matter where in the world you are, everyone using friendsvow, will get to care for it as their own, users in India, Cambodia, Lagos, the United States can make a vow with each other and be sure of redeeming that vow, a group of friends, businesses or charities can come together to create and maintain an Internet Bank of Financial Credit.

Stage Startup stage EST January 1970
Sectors Financial services
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Africa
Customer model B2B2C
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