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FRESHPRO FARMS LTD From guesswork and uncertainty To quality and convenience.

FreshPro is a data-driven agribusiness consumer demand for fresh produce with farmers production capacity creating a seamless business model devoid of the waste and inefficiency associated with agriculture. It is the culmination of 48 months of research, alpha/beta testing, prototyping and field testing that enabled the company to use technology to debunk stereotypical myths surrounding the agricultural value chain. It marks a transition from guesswork to accuracy and traceability.The concept is simple. Aggregate data on two ends of the value chain – demand (consumer) and supplier (farmer) and consolidate knowledge/data over 200 different types of farm produce. Analyze this information centrally and repackage it for use up and down the value chain. FreshPro delivers on four values- Product Freshness, Traceability, Grow to market and Timely delivery

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