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The primary methods of producing honey in Africa despite having great forested areas and communities with the capacity to produce the honey remains unproductive, expensive and harmful to the environment as it involves the cutting down of trees and removal of tree backs. The market price for a modern beehive is $40 making this production system and distribution channel expensive, as such rural communities are unable to afford and implement it in order to meet the market demand.
We have developed a low-cost beehive that is moveable, durable and has productivity uplift of 250%, all made from unwanted wood and industrial off cuts. Thus, our solution uses off cuts from commercial wood processing centers to produce double deck, low cost ($4) and highly productive beehives that go into the out -grower schemes for increased honey production for export into global markets. our beehive has, increased honey production per beehive from 15 kilograms to 75 kilograms per season.

Sectors Big data, Environmental services, Food production
Location Zambia
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