FORBIS Institute, Ghana Bilingual Professional Education and Consultancy

Ghana has become the most desired destination for many Africans seeking quality education on the continent. This is due to the country’s socioeconomic and political stability over the past few decades. Thousands of foreign students from Africa and beyond troop to Ghana every year to enroll in short-term training educational and continuous professional development programmes. Most`of the host schools are situated in popular (dense) suburbs and offer limited (tuition-only) services. The lack of residential facility coupled with quality teaching and student services push many away.

FORBIS Institute, Ghana seeks to combine quality professional education bilingual professional development, with real estate services for both Ghanaian and foreign students and other professionals seeking to study in Ghana. We are targeting about 150 students in the first year of operation and about 350 in the second year of operation. Majority of our students come from francophone West and Central Africa.