Foodiess Using technology to offer prompt and exceptional food delivery service.

Foodiess is an e-logistics start-up that offers an on-demand food delivery service to restaurants and ghost-kitchen owners sending food to their customers’ doorsteps at a very cheap rate.

We’re setting out to eliminate the food delivery burden on the restaurants and ghost kitchen owners. The complexities of delivery service to an average restaurant/ghost kitchen owner includes:

-Delivery rates.
-Delivery channel.
-Estimated time of delivery.
-Constant update for the expectant customers.
-Government taxes and mandatory associations imposed on delivery service providers.
-Irregularities and inconsistencies on the part of numerous logistics service providers that delve into food delivery. etc
Foodiess aims to serve the robust and ever growing number of food lovers with a completely unique and competitive style of food delivery using innovative technology and great customer service.

Stage Startup stage EST July 2019
Sectors Logistics
Location Abule Ijesha, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model B2B2C
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