Fonas foods We bring the farm to your doorstep

Over 40% of foods gets to waste , from reasearch 48% of foods gets to waste in africa due to lack of innovation in post harvest. Some never make it out of the field.
Most losses are due to lack of storage facilities and bad transportation.
We have also realised that people pay more and premium for well sorted fruits and vegetables, solution to improve this lies in storage and transportation technologies which would increase the quality right from proper handling of produce from the farm through cold transport vans to well constructed cold storage facilities.
We would then process this produce and properly brand them to meet international standard. We have been able to create our ecommerce website platform where customers can purchase farm produce of the highest quality and pay for it. This would increase the local farmers income , generate revenue and add more value to our locally grown produce
we have been working with few local farmers and wouldlove to involve many more

Sectors Agribusiness, E-commerce, Wholesale
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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