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Fly colony A platform for sustainable animal feed production through fly farming

The fly colony is a platform that utilizes food waste in production of a protein rich animal feed ingredient i.e maggot meal through Black Soldier Fly (BSF) farming.
The colony address two main problems; food waste and environmental degradation.
The BSF is a harmless fly and does not transmit disease. Female lays about a 1,000 eggs close to a suitable feed source such as food waste. The eggs develops into larvae (i.e. maggots) while feeding voraciously on food waste. The larvae are then harvested, dried and used as feed for fish.

The fly colony has two platforms; the physical and digital platform.
The physical platform is made up of three key stakeholders i.e
1. The waste suppliers: Supply waste to the colony,
2.The upcyclers: Performs the fly farming activities.
3.Farmers /feed manufacturers: Utilize the maggot meal produced in the colony for animal feed.

The digital platform provides the following services:
1. Data analytics services:
2. Feed Formulation

Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Waste management and recycling
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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