Flickprint A web to print company.

Flickprint is a web print company which simply means designing print materials or ordering them online and getting the finished product delivered to your doorstep. Its main purpose is to solve the stress of having to find a graphics designer, and then having to go to the printer and so on. All these procedures are done with just few clicks. It is a venture fully based on technological operations and automation which makes it way more efficient than the everyday printing press. Printing jobs can be done in just few minutes with high end printing machines. And designs can also be done online by just anybody that has access to the internet. I believe it is the next phase in printing that will usher Nigeria and other west African countries to the ease of printing which developed countries have been enjoying as far back as 2002.

Stage Unknown EST September 2018
SectorsCreative, media and entertainment, E-commerce, Graphic design
LocationLagos, Nigeria
MarketsGhana, Nigeria
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