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Fixed farms Go Organic, Go Green!

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Fixed farms

Fixed farms

Fixed farms is an innovative driven business seeking sustainable means of boosting agricultural turnover through adoption sustainable agricultural practices I.e organic manure. As a means of conserving, recycling and maintaining the eco system.
It is important to key into such eco sustaining Agro business as it primarily aims at adding values the land crops and much more.
Fixed farms practice organic farming and does not incorporate (GMO) Genetically Modified Organisms in its crop production and as such it’s crop produce are widely safe and healthy for consumption. Our product and service meet three critical needs

-helps combat global warming by storing carbon in the soil. This raises productivity and favours carbon storage, and reduced carbon in the atmosphere.

-to achieve a vigorous agro ecosystem that enhances climate, food and nutrient security.

-Fixed recognises the problem for organic soil enhancers and tends to provide a solution by bringing vermicompost manure.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Environmental services
LocationIdi Oro, Nigeria
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