Fixbit trailing interest

When one spends money out of a typical bank account, no further value can be enjoyed from the spent amount after it has been spent. With Fixbit e-shopping accounts, an imaginary trail from every amount spent, traces back to the account to effect a monthly interest payment. Calculated on money already spent, this payment is in effect a “trailing interest” and it gets paid on every amount spent, monthly for life.

Fixbit works in tandem with a partner commercial bank that holds all Fixbit accounts to enact instructions based on the Fixbit Transactional Module – its innovative core being the “trailing interest” whereby the more Fixbit e-shoppers spend, the higher the interest paid them monthly for life.

It is all made feasible as a result of a closed-user-group system that aggregates all subsisting Fixbit accounts nationwide amongst which all the e-transactions occur, and outside of which any attempted transaction gets disabled by default.

Fixbit effectively is a C2B and B2B e-payment solution alternative propelled by its investment component – the “trailing interest”. It should become the dominant e-commerce platform the world over soon enough – and nothing wrong with its kick-off from the West African subregion.

How huge are the returns on an active Fixbit account? And what is the “trailing interest” rate percentage per annum? Concise answers are provided by our full pitchdeck and on our website:

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