Fixbit trailing interest

When one spends money out of a typical bank account, no further value can be enjoyed from the spent amount after it has been spent. With Fixbit e-shopping accounts, an imaginary trail from every amount spent, traces back to the account to effect a monthly interest payment. Calculated on money already spent, this payment is in effect a “trailing interest” and it gets paid on every amount spent, monthly for life.

Fixbit works in tandem with a partner commercial bank that holds all Fixbit accounts to enact instructions based on the Fixbit Transactional Module – its innovative core being the “trailing interest” whereby the more Fixbit e-shoppers spend, the higher the interest paid them monthly for life.

It is all made feasible as a result of a closed-user-group system that aggregates all subsisting Fixbit accounts nationwide amongst which all the e-transactions occur, and outside of which any attempted transaction gets disabled by default.

Fixbit effectively is a C2B and

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