Finder Africa Group (Finder) Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline (O2O) for Retailers

Finder Africa Group (Finder) is a one stop solution linking physical and digital commerce using mobile devices. As a one stop solution, Finder bridges the gap between online and offline (O2O) for retailers, e-tailers, brands and bricks-and-mortar stores using an O2O platform, mobile app and digital self-pick-up stations.

Through Finder, offline experience and online transactions are integrated seamlessly through smartphone devices.

How does it work? Targeted customers are attracted to a store via offline channels, the transaction journey is then moved to the online platform. The shopper selects the nearest self-pick-up station to collect the parcel. Once a transaction is completed, the customer can be converted to be a potential regular customer.

Finder hopes to improve the transparency, efficiency and service levels of the retail industry in Kenya, and further extend to other African markets in the next phase.

Stage Unknown EST August 2017
Sectors E-commerce, Internet, Retail
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Markets Kenya
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