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We produce Baobab Superfruit powder and Baobab based animal, pet and bird feed and Baobab essential oil. All of which are purely organic, natural and chemical free.

Baobab Superfruit powder is human consumable multipurpose powder that can be taken as a drink mixed with water and a sweetener, can be added to food as a spice, used as a baking ingredient, or it can be taken as a supplement etc.

The powder is extracted from the white pulp inside the hard Baobab fruit pod. We do value addition and by selling the powder we have reduced and taken away the time and tideous work it would take for a user to crack the pod and extract the white edible part from the seed.

Stage Growth stage EST January 2019
Sectors Food production
Location Lusaka, Zambia
Markets Zambia
Customer model B2B, B2B2C, B2C
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