Fezah Entertainment's Booking App



Fezah Overview

Fezah is entertainment’s booking platform, founded by 2 ex-Googlers. It helps entertainers (musicians, bands, DJs) accept and process bookings quicker, from bookers across the world. Potential bookers include event planners, venues, corporates & brands, festival & concert promoters, and the long tail of individual consumers.


Music industry revenues are all shifting towards live entertainment. It is now the growth engine of the music industry. Majority of entertainers globally get 80% of their earnings from performances and appearances, not from content sales or spins. Surprisingly, the infrastructure to support these transactions at scale, a de facto entertainment booking platform, is not yet built. Fezah will be that booking platform.

Why Now

Artists are increasingly becoming frustrated by platforms whose economics are unpredictable (not clear how payouts are determined), and unrealistic (require ridiculous number of views or spins to make any meaningful earnings). To generate $1,000, an independent artist requires upwards of 600,000 views on YouTube, 200,000 plays on Spotify, or 1,500 downloads on iTunes. To generate the equivalent on Fezah, an artist would need 1 booking.