Felttouch A multi social networking site

Felttouch is a multi social and educative network. Its goal is to create a platform where users to perform virtually all they want all-in-one-place. It is very mobile responsive.
 felttouch has general Social Networking features such as Private Instant Chat, Making new friends, Adding posts and comments, likes etc. Thus users can at their leisure visit the portal and see posts made by friends and as well share their own thoughts. It has been designed in such a way that, a user’s post if given public viewing rights (viewing access feature under construction) can be viewed by all users all over the world. But you can also view posts made by yourself and your friends alone. Also included is the notification feature (under construction).On entertainment (Still under construction) all users can add their videos (music, comedy, movie) and audios (comedy, music) which are accessible by to all users. It is platform for artists (upcoming and stars) to better promote and sell themselves far and wide to all felttouch users easily. It is being built to allow Live online Audio and Video streaming. The educative part of felttouch is upon the E-Study Room (still under construction), Discussion forums, Article segment of the portal. the E-S Room is being built so that it allow users to arrange and build a virtual Library where they can study online. 

Stage Unknown EST November 2014
SectorsComputer software, Internet, Telecom
LocationLagos, Nigeria
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