Feem Wifi – Painless local sharing Painless local sharing

Share your awesome music, videos, documents and those amazing baby pictures in your local network EASIER THAN YOU DO NOW. Grab your copy of Feem at http://www.tryfeem.com

Here at FeePerfect, we believe the greatest files are shared within.
We also believe that billions of users in local networks are not sharing their awesome files as much as they would with others around them, simply because existing solutions are not adequate enough.
Bluetooth is just too slow and not long range enough. Windows shared drives often make sensitive information easily available to strangers, and don’t work well on smart phones and tablets. USB sticks are usually virus infected, usually require you to displace yourself to transfer files, and don’t work on smart phones and tablets.
Feem magically solves all those issues by leveraging Wifi, which is used in more than half a billion homes and offices around the world. Even though Internet connection speeds are improving, you just can’t beat the speed and absolutely zero costs of transferring files within a local network. Wifi is also a thousand times faster than Bluetooth.
Feem also provides free chat support to make communication inside your business or school local networks as painless as the local file transfers. Needless to say, we’ve found it extremely pleasant to use Feem in our office everyday.
Feem already works seamlessly on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone and iPad. (Yes, Feem is already approved in Apple’s iOS AppStore). Feem for Android is coming soon.
Make no mistake. FeePerfect’s ambitions are clear. We want Feem to become the de-facto file sharing utility in your homes and offices. That’s because Feem was designed to be painless.
Make your local network more fun. Grab your copy of Feem at http://www.tryfeem.com.
I have so much to say about this subject. You can grasp a better understanding of why we created Feem here. http://www.feeperfect.com/2013/03/09/why-feem.html