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FECUNDO CHUMEE GLOBAL FARMS LIMITED My Business is Majorly Poultry Eggs combined with Broiler Production

Our business Flagship Product was  production of Chicken Eggs Layers. We solved the problem of Rich Proteins and  Nutrition Values in Food which prevents malnutrition and enhance growth. Our customers are Big ,Medium,Small scale businesses customers wide Egg Merchants,Pastry Makers,Boarding Schools, Restaurants,Large Eateries, Hotels and Supermarkets. We rare above a thousand egg Layers for every batch which translates to average of 30 crates in a day and we also do broilers in various batches.We also reared and process broilers in smaller quantity batches but in commercial quantities also.At the moment we are expanding into production and processing of crops for exportation.We shall also strive to expand on our chicken products and venture into other livestocks

SectorsAnimal farming
LocationUmudioka, Nigeria
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