We want to develop the #1 Fashion, Beauty & Culture Afropolitan 180° Media conceived around an Internet portal, an exclusive print publication, social media interactions and mobile devices applications.

We launched a digital independent magazine 6 years ago, and the success of it has been immediate and consistent through the years! With its innovative concept, FASHIZBLACK became the #1 online fashion magazine in France, and the blog, l’Entre-Deux, has thousands of visitors daily.

Beauty & fashion tips, trends, culture, the latest news… We’re dealing with everything close to Fashion through our global and multicultural vision.

In order to give a new dimension to the project, we decided to launch the magazine’s glossy printed version! Since January 2012, we’ve been publishing a printed version of our magazine, available in French & English in France, the UK, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa among other countries.

We are Cameroonian and the magazine is bas

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