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Our team is essentially made up of young men and women graduates from the universities of Cameroon and Gabon each in a specific field.
We therefore affirmed that one of the pillars on which our organization can rely is this young team whose diversity of training constitutes a complementarity in the exercise of the activities and whose enthusiasm and passion for the project promote a favorable climate for quality work.


  • Fogaing Hermann
    Fogaing Hermann
    CCO | University
  • Beyeke Emyene Roland Cyrile
    Beyeke Emyene Roland Cyrile
    CMO, Founder | University
  • Kom Modjo Steve Jaures
    Kom Modjo Steve Jaures
    CFO, Founder | University
  • Theophile Tchuimbou
    Theophile Tchuimbou
    CTO, Founder | University