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Farmz2U Helping smallholder farmers operate at commercial scale using data

Cover image of Farmz2U, Agritech venture on VC4A



Smallholder farmers struggle to operate at commercial scale. Decisions on what to grow and how are often driven by intuition thus reducing the likelihood of a successful harvest. Lending to smallholder farmers is expensive due to the current high-risk structure. Furthermore, smallholder farmers are exposed to poor quality inputs from unverified vendors and upon harvest struggle to sell produce efficiently.
Farmz2u is improving the food system as a data driven enabler for farm field production in Sub Saharan Africa. For instance, regenerative farming practices are based on data variables such as humidity and soil composition. Through a project with The Nature Conservancy, we proved commercial value of harvest increases with regenerative farming. Similarly, Farmz2u leverages agricultural data such as previous harvest volumes and offtake guarantee to de-risk lending thus increasing farmers’ access to finance. For this we are partnered with finance institutions like Pivo Africa.

Sectors Agritech, Artificial intelligence, Big data, Fintech
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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