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FarmXic Improving Livelihood Through Smart Farming

FarmXic is Africa’s one stop disruptive platform for Smart Farming. FarmXic has 3 key areas of specialisation which are: f-Tec a farm management software tool designed to help farmers make smart decision through digital disruptive solutions, Flink is our peer-to-peer agritech platform that focuses on connecting farm sponsors with real farmers via mobile application in order to increase food production and provide food security across Africa while promoting youth participation in Agriculture. FreshBinge foods is our B2B, B2C and eGrocery platform that provides on demand grocery including farm-to-consumer marketplace. The uniqueness of FarmxXic as an AgTech brand is that we hope to create a niche in the industry to be seen as a one-stop digital agribusiness hub providing innovative solutions.
Our mission is to create food security across Africa, by impacting the lives of over 1,500 small-scale farmers across local communities within Nigeria.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Big data
LocationIkeja, Nigeria
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