FarmVideos The largest and most comprehensive video platform for farmers in Kenya

Our desire is to build the largest and most comprehensive video platform in Kenya that offers farmers valuable and self-improving content on Good Agricultural Practices and Yield Enhancing Technologies
Most small and medium-sized farmers in the country face a major challenge of accessing helpful and easily accessible farming information. While there are many solutions and interventions that are available currently, there isn’t enough information being transmitted in a medium that is deemed by communicators to be the most effective: video.
FarmVideos will be a video content platform that offers practical videos on farming, business management, market prices, sector news and trends, weather forecasts, success stories among others. The videos will be viewable and downloadable, enabling the farmers to use them at the most needed point—their farms.
Through FarmVideos, we believe we will offer farmers a helping hand in being informed, adaptive and smarter thus becoming more productive.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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