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FarmInvest FarmInvest

We have built a business community system that link farmers, investors and marketers. On this platform, local farmers who are verified can borrow cash as capital for their farming business, they can also get loans to buy fertilizer for their crops and in return, the investor gets a monthly profit of x% on his or her investment. Investors also have the option of exchanging their investments for discounted farm produce. Another choice of investment could be land leasing. This is to give farmers access to lands for farming.

The business community system allows a local farmer easily sell produce in the city through marketers who are registered on the system. These marketers get a percentage of y% on every successful sale.

Our major source of profit as a business is from a small percentage on every transaction that is done using the platform, whether by the farmer, investor or marketer.

Sectors Crop farming, Information technology
Location Obanikoro, Nigeria
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