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FarmGRO Africa Kuza Kisasa | Modern Farming

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We are an AgriTech firm based in Bungoma, Kenya. We are building Small Holder Farmer and Youth Group capacity through;
* Greenhouse Technology/ Build & Manage
* Technical Assistance/ Training & Events
* Market Development as a service/ Advisory & Sourcing

Kenya’s population has increased significantly (growing from 11 million in 1970 to 39.5 million in 2011) and at the current rate of growth, it will be double in the next 27 years, reaching 81 million in 2039. As a result of this rapid increase, land parcels in the areas of high agricultural potential are decreasing in size, affecting food production. Farmers, who are used to rain-fed farming systems, are being pushed into dryer, more marginal areas where they become increasingly vulnerable to drought and the unpredictability of weather patterns resulting from climate change.

We enable farmers, through the Construction of GHs and Training/Learning Journeys, to Grow Better, Eat Right and Earn More

Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Consulting and business development
Location Bungoma, Kenya
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