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FarmersHub Multi-links Global Ltd Afro-farmers Reality tv Show

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Afro-farmers Reality TV Show offers first class entertainment amidst training / mentorship of young African digital farmers that will not only revolutionize Agric-businesses in the subcontinent but will also serve as fulcrum for the production of Billionaire young African Farmers in the foreseeable future.

This initiative calls for closing ranks by a wide range of Stakeholders in the Agric-value-chain (AVC) subsector industry, in order to make this lofty dream come true.

The participants who will be African youths, aged between 18 and 35 years will be joined by the some of the Actors in Africa to bring-out the Superb contents on TV, and social media. Thus, turning those youths to renown farmers and exemplar to others.

Participants will win a lot prize, while all participants will be assisted to access concessionary facilities to become farm-owner or Agropreneurs.

A total of 190 participants made up of 108 Housemates, 10 Non-Resident Existing Farm-owners, and 72 Non-Res

SectorsAnimal farming, Consulting and business development, Crop farming
LocationUyo, Nigeria
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