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Farmers’ Support Program by JS Foods Securing ready markets for small-scale oil palm farmers in Rural Ghana

JS FOODS is an agro processing start-up whose main objective is to secure ready markets for farm produce starting with palm fruits. Under our Farmers Support program, we aim to eliminate post-harvest losses of oil palm by buying the produce directly from the farmers, processing the fruits into edible palm oil, storing, packaging and distributing the products under our “Auntie Ama Palm Oil” brand, which is already doing well in the market. Small Scale farmers in Ghana face a lot of challenges in their work because when oil palm is in season, the prices of the fruits fall so low because supply exceeds demand and farmers end up making close to nothing. When oil palm is not in season prices go up however, the harvests are small so farmers still make little. We are dealing with small-scale farmers because the large and medium scale farmers mostly sell directly to big companies like the Ghana Oil Palm Devt Corp, etc. The small-scale farmers are the ones who suffer from excessive poverty.

Sectors Agribusiness, Food and beverage
Location Accra, Ghana
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