Farmers Pride Last mile distribution of life changing agriculture solutions through franchising

Farmers Pride

Farmers Pride

Farmers Pride is a Last mile distribution of life changing agriculture solutions enterprise through agro dealer franchise model, village youth agents and mobile technology

Through a franchising model, and mobile technology integrated with village youth agents last mile distribution, Farmers pride transforms farming in rural areas . We are building a franchise network of agro dealers integrated with village youth agents located in rural, undeserved areas of Kenya. We provide all the tools that the farmers of the future need to be successful.

Agricultural inputs, services and best agriculture practices information distribution in rural areas is inefficient and poor.Rural Farmers suffer from poor farm production, losses and malnutrition as a result of limited access to quality inputs,services and information. All these limitations traps farming families in continuous cycle of poor production,poverty and malnutrition.

We have received several awards including Winner D-Prize global distribution challenge 2017,  2018 NextGen franchising Global competition, Nestle CSV PRIZE 2017, African Development Bank 21st century agriprenuer , CTA-PitchAgrihack winner 2016,  Seedstars World winner 2016.

Farmers Pride has over 100 media mentions from TechMoranhttp: //, StartupInfo- , Venture Capital For Africa,  D-Prize, UNFAO Kenya