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FARMCHERIA LIMITED First-class Agritech, One-Size-Fits-All

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Poor standard of living of the smallholder farmers
Food Insecurity

1. Farmtrade: is a marketplace where smallholder farmers are connected to the agro-service providers and wider market of large-off takers so as to improve their operational efficiency, increase food production and create a supply chain to large-off takers.

2: Farmart: This is a farmers’ direct market place that stands as a simulation for the local markets where consumers buy farm produce and locally made agro-processed products from the source and at the producers’ prices.

3. Farmvest: This is a financial capacity building and entrepreneurship skill development platform for smallholder farmers. Farmvest houses various innovative financial mechanisms for improving the poor smallholder farmers’ livelihood.

It is unique because it is an all-inclusive solution that makes food available at a cheaper price and combats all critical problems that cause smallholder farmers to remain in abject