Farm Select Limited From concept to development

Farm Select Limited

Farm Select Limited
Farm Select since 2017 became an integrated poultry company based in Lusaka, Zambia. It was established as an integrated agribusiness to produce and sell eggs, meat and meat products to the growing population in Zambia and neighboring countries to create value for stakeholders. The company’s three farms are situated in the Lusaka province.
The farms rear pullets, eggs layers and broiler chickens. The company is seeking to expand production of eggs from 1,500 trays per day to 6,000 trays per day, increase the production of chicken broilers from 20,000 per month to 120000 per month; complete piggery facilities and acquisition of breeding and production stock. The company plans to establish enterprises of meat processing facilities and abattoir, bio gas chambers and organic fertilizer production. The envisaged expansion cost is US$3,046,000.
We will invest in local, regional product retail distribution to encompass franchise management and provision of a cloud-based retail software
In outwitting competitors, the lean and agile strategy has provided an advantage. And strictly adherence to programs has greatly mitigated the risk of diseases.
The production of bio gas for cooking and electricity generation flies in the face of cost reduction and climate consideration.
With the expansion sales will increase from US$1,090,000 to US $7,913,000 in the first year of operation. Gross profitability will soar 6 times. Over US $6,000,000 has already been invested in the business.
StageGrowth stage EST May 2017
LocationLusaka, Zambia
Customer modelB2C
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