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FARASSI FarassiCocu By the Community For the Community

A service that allows its members to E-Bargain on fares or prices; and service providers like drivers to E-Negotiate prices for pick-up and drop-off of passengers and/or movable goods. The transaction could be for a car, minivan or deliveries via motor/bike, errands/messenger service, heavy- duty trucks and equipment. Our solution is designed for a market where it is the norm for one to haggle or negotiate prices during a business transaction. The opportunity for a person to state the price s/he is willing to pay during the bargaining process is an African art that dates back many centuries. Farassi has digitized this cultural practice through an App to give an edge to both parties in the transaction. FarassiCocu: A Community Courier who receives a request from people within the community to pick items like packages/flowers & deliver to a destination by foot or bicycle or motorbike. All you need to become a CoCu is a cellphone and drive to earn money at your leisure time.

Sectors Transport and logistics
Location Accra, Ghana
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