Explore Sideways The Art of Wine and Travel

Explore Sideways connects discerning & curious travelers to private, curated, exclusive and personalised tours & experiences focused on wine, food, art, culture & wellness. Wine tourism (& wellness tourism) is one of the fastest growing categories of premium travel globally, & in South Africa. Previously, travelers suffered from a one-size-fits-all scheduled tour product (non-premium) with no direct relationships with wineries, fragmented & inaccessible destination information, & a thin non-vetted analogue market for private guides (extremely expensive or non-specialists). Through our online marketing capabilities, experience curation process, direct industry relationships, guide-enablement tools & our marketplace for independent expert guides, we provide, at scale, value-for-time curated personalised travel experiences for the premium traveler whenever they want in a manner that is trusted & simple. We are growing fast in South Africa & plan to dominate this category globally.

Stage Unknown EST February 2015
SectorsLeisure and travel
LocationCape Town, South Africa
MarketsSouth Africa
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