Evaptainers Electricity free refregiration

Evaptainers are low-cost, electricity-free mobile refrigeration units. They utilize the phenomenon of evaporative cooling, rather than more energy-intensive vapor-compression refrigeration, making them ideal for off-grid rural areas with low relative humidity. Evaporative cooling has been employed successfully for centuries in products like the Zeer Pot or Coolgardie safe. Proven to be effective for agricultural use, these products have been known to triple or quadruple the shelf-life of most produce. Our company has taken these inventions and upgraded themfor modern and commercial use. Using state-of-the-art materials and improved design, we’ve created more effective, more durable, easier to use, mass-producible units.Our units reach the same thermal efficiency as the Zeer Pot and have been extending storage times of fresh food from days to weeks in pilot program tests.

Stage Growth stage EST January 2015
Sectors Water storage
Location Rabat, Morocco
Markets Morocco
Customer model Non-profits
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