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Eureka vision business EVB


  • Dec 2020

    Founding date

    The venture started operations.
  • Jan 2021

    First created a prototype

    There is a prototype of the product or service.
  • Jan 2021

    First piloted the product or service

    There are prospective clients using the product or service.
  • Feb 2021

    Secured first paying customer

    The first paying customer is secured.
  • Feb 2021

    First reached break-even

    The venture has reached a financial break-even.
  • Mar 2021

    First generated a profit

    The venture generates a profit.
  • Mar 2021

    First audited annual accounts

    There are audited annual accounts.
  • Apr 2021

    Added the management team

    There is a management team in place.
  • May 2021

    First created a pitch deck

    There is a pitch deck explaining the venture.
  • May 2021

    Added an advisory board

    There is an advisory board in place.
  • Jun 2021

    Added a board of directors

    There is a board of directors in place.
  • Incorporate the venture

    The venture is a legal registered entity.
  • Secured external funding

    The venture has secured funding from a third party.