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ETS BENAREL/ BOULANGERIE Bel Air Panification: Processing and production of breads

The ” BEL BEL BEL Bread ” Is a trade name and is an activity of the “Ets BENAREL”. BEL BEL BEL Bread ” Is the one to sell to the poorest, most of the population of the N’ sele and that of other people all consumers of bread. A quality bread that can only be found on the table of middle-and high-income households. However, the production of these quality breads does not incur huge costs.
As a result, the vision of ” BEL BEL BEL Bread ” Is therefore of a social nature, reflecting the personality of its promoter, because it is natural and human to offer all Congolese what is best to consume.
This high value added project will directly contribute to the social and economic development of the inhabitants of the commune by bringing them closer not only to this essential good, but also by providing them with employment. Women will make the majority in the team.

Sectors Manufacturing
Location Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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