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ESQUIRE GREEN GLOBAL SERVICES together we can transform our community

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Our business solves the problem of indiscriminate disposal of solid waste,waste treatment and conversion,inefficiency method of collection of wastes and dump sites,lack of waste bins,lack of technical know how on the type of waste generated and as such indiscriminate disposal of solid waste causes environmental problems such as pollution,blocking of drainage,causes traffic accident and flooding.The solution is to provide households,individuals,establishments,companies government and other private body with equipment such as refuse bag,waste paper basket,disposal van,disposal barrel,disposal bin and incinerator as the case demand.To educate government and people on the need to re introduce monthly sanitation in order to make a lot of households become conscious of the purity of their surrounding,to educate government on the need to declare dumping sites out of bound as they are always in a state abuse,effective campaign should be carried out so as households accept effective waste

Sectors Agribusiness, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
Location Calabar, Nigeria
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