Esomchi Foundation ( Esomchi Foods) Esomchi Foods processes biofortified crop to low cost nutritious foods

*Esomchi Foundation (Esomchi Foods) Pitch*

Esomchi Foods is a fast growing food company. Our work resolves around biofortification, a big name with a huge impact. An idea that improves the vitamins and minerals contents of staple foods like Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato( OFSP) eaten by everybody, everyday and everywhere.
Esomchi Foods produces innovative, low-cost and optimally nutritious foods (such as OFSP bread, juice, cake, Chin-Chin, Meatpie, burger, African Salad, Doughnut and other) to reverse micronutrient deficiency, boost immune systems of our children and women of reproductive age and to address health challenges associated with the diets of vulnerable communities and doing so with minimal behavioural change and cost-effectiveness.
Through our initiative, we aggregate raw materials from smallholder farmers thereby increasing their incomes. We are also ensuring that safe and nutritious foods are readily available, easily accessible, very affordable & highly de

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Nnewi, Nigeria
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